Sunday, June 10, 2012

Through A Glass Softly

And yet another terrific summer weekend.  That's three in a row!  We attended a lovely wedding in the country, lunched on cool summer salad....

Today's Song of the Week is the hypnotically catchy lo-fi shoe-gazing of 'It's Like A Dream,' by Atlanta-based dream-popsters Soft Power. 

I've had this on my playlist since last summer, but there's very little info on these guys.  I know that lead singer Dylan Anderson fronted Of Machines, a hardcore band, from 2006-2010, as different as imaginable from the dreamy strains of Soft Powers

Since I can't find a single video of 'It's Like A Dream,' I'll settle for an interesting fan video of the group's second best-known song, 'Mary Never Sings Our Song.

 Here's the quiet, lanquid 'Endlessly.'

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