Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joy is mine! My Mac repaired, on the spot. My life, back to normal. Joy, Joy, Freude...

Oil, Gas, and Water

I'm rather fond of a Woody Allen movie line where Woody's car inexplicably freezes in a thunderstorm in front of a haunted house.

Woody observes, to his girlfriend and his dismay, that 'the battery's dead and we're out of oil, gas, and water...' Pile on those clich├ęs!

Well, my home computer's broke, my work computer's messed up, my respiratory system is grappling with a cold, and I have... yuck.. mange on my elbows. I've been working like the Dickens trying to publish something about my Brazil trip, and I might have to take a two-day emergency trip next week.

There's going to be no time to have extra pages added to my very full passport... I must optimistically assume that I won't be denied admission to the country either during this work trip or for my forthcoming vacation

On the plus side, I like my new work building, 101 Park Avenue on 40th Street, even though it is quite a bit harder to get to, with no direct train. This morning I took a taxi, with the $10 expense that implies....

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