Sunday, November 18, 2012

Perfect Little Indie Pop Song..

It's been a while, as SOTW was pre-empted by Hurricane Sandy, election week, jury duty (I got freed!), and other distractions..

But I'm back, with Benjamin Gibbard's 'Dream Song,' which has certainly been one of this fall's defining musical pleasures.  It's a thoughtful, playful, tuneful muse on that parallel life we call dreams, interesting territory that hasn't been explored much in pop, save by Heart, back in 1986..

Benjamin Gibbard is best known as the singer/songwriter, lead vocalist, and mastermind of Death Cab for Cutie, a quartet from Seattle that, despite its scary name, has released eight  mellow, melodic, and smart albums over the past 14 years  with lyrics that are clever, imaginative, and incisive.

Gibbard is also known as the husband of singer/movie-and-TV-actress Zoey Deschannel (herself an SOTW alumna via her duo She and Him), which seems to have to cheered him up substantially...

Before we video-walk through Gibbard's impressive career, with and without Death Cab, watch this great live clip for Benjamin's solo "Dream Song':

 Here's Ben's actual single, 'Teardrop Windows,' with a frame story satirizing the music biz...

Death Cab's SOTW from last year is a joy:  'You Are A Tourist is subtle but infectious..

Here's the wonderful live clip for 'I Will Possess You Heart..'

DCFC's last album had two wonderful singles, 'Soul Meets Body' and 'Crooked Teeth,' the latter imagery refers to a skyline... First, 'Soul'...

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