Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aaron Aaron Aaron

Wow, after a lifetime soaked in music and 258 Songs of the Week, I am thrilled to post a song that is my namesake!   'Aaron' was an uncommon name when I was born, but got considerably more popular about 20 years later... Today's 'Aaron' is a spare, bluesy, edgy ballad by Berlin-based Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Bodan.   It's a coming of a age song and I guess love song,  maybe platonic, maybe not...  'Aaron don't you see / I think we're growing up.'   I am so hooked!

The Guardian described him as " indier, more abstract Bryan Ferry" and " really a torch singer, wallowing in blue moods and the anguish of romance."   Bodan's a bit of a mystery, without a site or a Wikipedia page, but he plays DJ sets around Berlin and does gigs at galleries and in collaborations with visual artists.  Clearly influenced by James Blake, Antony and the Johnsons, Soft Cell and even Björk..  Perry Como in purgatory.

The 'Aaron' video is as spare and moody as its sonic döppelgänger...

'DP' is an even stronger song than 'Aaron' but how can you blame me, really, for choosing the latter? : - )     "If you want to read to me your poetry / I'll sleep with you..."

One more lovely tone in the same vein: 'What's So New..'

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