Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weakness For Whimsy 

Is Scotland the El Dorado of wit and whimsy?  For years I've admired Glasgow-based sextet Belle and Sebastian, who've breezed, grinned, and twinkled their way through nine nearly flawless albums over the past 17 years.  Today's song, 'Just, Just So To The Point,' is a smart, jazzy, rhythmic tune by that group's lead guitarist, Stevie Jackson, from his amusingly titled solo debut, '(I Can't Get No) Stevie Jackson)

Jackson has steadily grown into B&S's second most contributing songwriter, after frontman and twee visionary Stuart Murdoch... One critic noted, aptly that  Murdoch's compositions 'tend to be shorter and less introspective, opting for catchy 60s-style pop more often that the folky melancholia that defined B&S's early releases' 

Speaking of B&S, they're, once again, long overdue for a new album.. Once every four years isn't nearly enough....

Here's Stevie, acoustic, performing his single, 'Where Do All The Good Girls Go?


Here's Stevie performing 'Try Me' in the rain at Indietracks 2012 festival..

There's no video for our SOTW, but you can listen to it here, while staring at the man's charming album cover.......

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