Saturday, September 29, 2012

Through The Pretty Haze 

This week's offering literally sounds like autumn to my ears.  It's the pretty, tuneful and low-fi 'So Hard To See' by New York based trio Violens, who sound is "influenced by such disparate elements as Zombies-style 60s psych-pop, early 90s shoegaze, post-punk, and Miami freestyle.  What I hear most is the 60s psych-pop and the trippy 90s shoegaze (which itself is trippy and psychedlic mutant dance music)...  

Violens, who derive their name from a combination of 'violence' and 'violins,' formed in 2007 and spent a few years focused on live shows while dabbling in remixing,  composing runway scores, and editing mix tapes.  Their tight debut album followed in 2010, but it's their sophomore release, 'True', that caught my ear.  It's the best album of its kind since Film School's miraculous 'Fission' in early 2011...

This group is new enough not to have a Wikipedia page - but I culled their bio data from Allmusic and the band's own website.

There's no video, alas, for 'So Hard To See,' but here's a pair of clips for equally strong recent songs 'When To Let Go' and 'All Night Low'.. Enjoy!

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