Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vile But Sweet

Don't let Kurt Vile's name scare you - it's the guy's real name, and his specialty is a soft, twangy, classic rock meets indie sound; likewise, 'Jesus Fever 182,' our Song of the Week, isn't concerned much with religion and and over its mid-tempo guitar strains, it means to be contemplative, not provocative.

Kurt Vile (pictured right) is a lanky, boyish singer-songwriter-guitarist from Pennsylvania, who went solo after a stint with the highly respective Phillie-based indie band War On Drugs. Kurt records on the legendary Matador label, revered throughout indie-dom for acts such as Yo La Tengo and Pavement.

Tomorrow I replace my computer for the first time since I launched SOTW back in September 2007! Another milestone!

Enjoy the modest clip for 'Jesus Fever 182':

More Vile-ness: Kurt's follow-up single is the drony but somehow ethereal 'Baby's Arms..'

Kurt live on Q Friday Live performing 'Overnite Religion' - mellow but with maracas!

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