Monday, April 02, 2012

Time Flies!

Hey all, greetings from sunny Buenos Aires. I may be short on time, but I'm still long on great music! I thought I'd better share some, before Song of the Week becomes Song of the Month!

Up today:'It's Real,' imbued with the jangly, soft-rock sound of indie quintet Real Estate, Brooklyn-based but hailing from Ridgewood NJ. Despite their nearly Google-proof generic band name, these guys received critical acclaim for both their 2009 debut and their even stronger late-2011 followup, 'Days'..

Lots of continuity in this band, which includes Martin Courtney IV and Matthew Mondanile III.

Enjoy the very 'homey', 70s-outtake quality video for 'It's Real', directed by Wierd Days:

Their follow-up, 'Easy,' is equally lovely, but sunnier. I could have easily gone with this track, but stuck with 'It's Real,' which has been in my head for weeks..

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