Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ever Bigger, Ever Pinker

The Big Pink is bag with their Big Followup! Submitted for your Song of the Week pleasure: 'Stay Gold,'

The Pinksters, pictured left, are London-based duo Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell, who are both multi-instrumentalists and produced, trippy, rock-edged pop. Their debut won (to my surprise) the NME Radar award for Best New Act of 2009; 'Dominos' also won best track... Their sophomore effort, 'Future This,' is less of a surprise, but still quite tuneful. Big Pink, incidentally, is also the nickname of Portland, Oregon's tallest building, the 536-foot, 42 story US Bancorp Tower, pictured right.

I like their artsy video style as much their artsy audio style: enjoy the clip for 'Stay Gold:'

The Pinksters' debut single was 'Dominos,' and its video is a very artsy and cinematic take on a live studio rendition..

Big Pink's other big single, 'Velvet,' is two parts shoegazing, and one part each psychedelia (the video) and electro-rock. Artsy but simple black-and-white clip riffs on camera angles and images..

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