Thursday, March 08, 2012

More Cheery Than Eerie

Hey all! This is an easy one to post, even overworked and (again) sick, because we know so little about the artist, Phèdre..

But the Song of the Week they provided, 'In Decay,' is huge in the music blogosphere - it's a fairly cheerful, infectious, springlike song but the lyrics, when you pay attention, are odd: 'so many lovers/in need of organs/dancing in decay.' Pitchfork describes it as 'a mutant hybrid - of Montreal's freaked-out glam, the AM-radio baritone blur of Ariel Pink, and a dash of the cheekiness contained in Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love", for good measure' and notes that 'it;s Phèdre's charming mash of these signifiers that make the song rise above mere pastiche.' What little I know about them - their website only describes them as 'three lovers from Monaco raised in a cave of gold,' and has their whole album to listen to, it's very ambient/eletronic/mellow on the whole...

The clip is very memorable and avant-garde: 'an amalgam of strange imagery-- odd floral arrangements, empty lobster husks, headdresses, ultra-goopy goo poured all over faces and bodies-- filtered through a warped-VHS sheen,' again in the words of Pitchfork.

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