Monday, February 27, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Well, I'm 95% recovered, and that will have to be enough for the work marathon today, tonight, and tomorrow...
We stayed home all weekend, recovering and hiding from the cold. We did rent 'Moneyball,' a most interesting film that I'll comment later.. Now, even my baby sister is 48... Go Meryl Streep! Now 17 nominations and 3 wins, I was 23 when she one her last Best Actress Oscar... This means 'The Iron Lady' will be in theaters long enough for me to get around to seeing it... I actually wanted Viola Davis to win - what a terrific actress; you can see both these fine actresses in the excellent movie adaptation of 'Doubt,' by the way. Below, panoramic view of Mexico City's Modern Basilica (built 1974-1976) and its very tilted Leaning Ancient Basilica (built 1531-1709).

Trailer, 'The Iron Lady'...

Trailer, ' Doubt'....

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