Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Professor Pop

Oo-boy, I've been flattened by the flu and am falling behind in Song of the Week...

This week, 'Believer,' a pretty but murky composition by composer/performer John Maus, a Minnesotan who draws from genres as diverse as new wave, shoegazing, and chamber pop. Maus studied seriously - BA in music at California Insitute of Art, with a focus on experimental music and performance art involving music. He also has a Phd in Philosophy from Switzerland! I love his album title: "We Must Become Pitiless Censors of Ourselves...' I discovered 'Believer' from Pitchfork Music's year-end best-of list, always a good final sweep to see if I missed something really good during the year.

His videos are great, not surprising for a concept artist like Maus - here's the kinetic, psychedelic video for 'Believer'...

Here's another John Maus composition, 'Streetlight', sent to footage from a 1981 film, 'Ms. 45'..

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