Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another V.I.B.

That is, Very Important Band. This week we feature The Rapture, a long-running NY-based band that led a post-punk revival in the earliest days of this millenium, but which also added into the mix genres as diverse as disco, classic rock, and acid house.
Our Song of the Week is the dramatic, plantive toe-tapper 'How Deep Is Your Love,' an original song light years away from the Bee Gees ballad whose name it shares.

To date, they've dropped three albums of well-crafted, highly listenable booty-shakers which are increasingly diverse, accomplished, impressive... and, now, even soulful..

In September they resurfaced with their first album in five years, and it's a stunner.. Rapture mastermind Luke Jenner wrote this set while still reeling from a family tragedy, and chose to lace his grooves with more feeling and less party-boy irony..

Here's 'How Deep Is Your Love,' live in Spin's offices...

Clip from their hypnotic, propulsive 2006 title track, 'Pieces of the People We Love...'

Also at Spin, The Rapture's 2006 scorcher 'Get Myself Into To It', with a vocal recalling both the The Police and Yes,

The early punky, but funky sludge of 'Sister Saviour' from 2003...

And finally, their screechy but memorably debut, 'House of Jealous Lovers,' on Letterman in 2003...

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