Sunday, January 22, 2012

Neon Lightning

Today's offering, 'Polish Girl,' comes from Neon Indian, a Brooklyn-based indie electronic quartet formed in Texas that bathes its catchy, perky but bluesy songs in electronic bleeps and bloops.
Led by 23-year-old Alan Palomo, who was born in Monterrey, Mexico, they're kind of a southern border Junior Boys, minus the Steely Dan fixation. Palomo's father was a Mexican pop star in the 80s.

It was Palomo's ex-girlfriend who inspired the band name 'Neon Indian;' something to do with a musical apology for a missed date...

Here's the video for 'Polish Girl', our Song of the Week. This tune goes down easily, like neon ice cubes on a some futuristic hot summer day; it's kind of a torch song and is certainly devoid of ethnicity, Polish or Mexican American.

Neon Indian burst on the scene in 2008 with 'Psychic Chasms,' a critical smash that made many year-end best lists. Here's their memorably trippy and poppy debut single, 'Deadbeat Summer..'

That album's other signature tune is '6666 (I Don't Know If You Know', here's the clip:

The band perform 'Mind Drips' from its new album, 'Era Extraña,' live on KEXP...

The band talks about its new album, 'Era Extraña,' which it recorded in Helsinki...

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