Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Imitating The Inimitable?

We found 'My Week With Marilyn' to be quite worthwhile - an interesting period piece driven by the terrific acting of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe and Kenneth Branagh aging well as Sir Laurence Olivier.
Kudos as well to the adorable, Tony-winning Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark, the young film assistant whose week-long friendship with the icon led to two memoirs and this film. 'My Week' wisely doesn't attempt to answer the unanswerable or imitate the inimitable, but Michelle Williams does manage an interesting emotional and physical portrayal of the fragile and lusted-after actress, even more impressive considering the lack of resemblance. But, hey, I like period pieces, movies about movies, biopics, and one-event biopics. I like the cast. Glad to see Michelle get her 3rd Oscar nomination, though it would be shocking if she won over Viola Davis of The Help or Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher...

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