Sunday, December 11, 2011

So I'm Told...

The Gourmet Bubble Gum Whiz Kid is back... I refer Mika (pronounced MY-KAH) is back , who supplies today's Song of the Week. That would be'Elle Me Dit,' a highly infectious romp that likely to brighten your day even if you speak not a word of French. Mika, who spent 8 years in Paris on the way from Beirut to London, gives a shout-out to his Francophone friends, with witty lyrics that epitomize, in his words, 'everything a mother should NEVER tell her son.'

Why I love Mika: let me count the ways...

a) a prodigious singer-songwriter-producer with the vocal talent of a Freddie Mercury or a George Michael;

b) a 'post-gay' poster boy who acts very gay and camp, embraces all sexuality, and rejects definitions;

c) a Lebanese-American-British-French 28-year-old teen idol;

d) a brilliant musical dessert chef who may yet give bubble gum a good name; and

e) yet another UK musical phenomenal as-yet unappreciated in the USA...

Mika's 'Elle Me Dit' video is quite a hoot, with French cinema legend (and gay icon) Fanny Ardant hamming it up as the complaining mother in question...

Here's Mika's wonderful live performance of 'We Are Golden' at the Sweden's Malmöfestivalen in, where else, Malmö, the country's third-largest city, just a stone's throw from Copenhagen across a very, very long bridge..

Here's 'Grace Kelly,' the irresistible song that put Mika on the map to begin with! Every part of this song dazzles the ear! It's also laced with dialogue from 'The Country Girl,' the movie that won Kelly her one Oscar.

Here's another great Mika song from his first album, 'Relax, Take It Easy...'

And here we have Mika living it large in his 'We Are Golden...' video

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