Sunday, December 04, 2011

Come Back Stronger

Today's song, 'Never Meant To Know,' is pretty in a late-60s fashion, the melody so memorable an acoustic version would work fine. It's from an album so solid that any random song could be a 'single'..

The group is Ann-Arbor based indie rock quintet Tally Hall. To their credit, they keet on plugging, undiscouraged that their brilliant 2008 debut album never caught fire and that Atlantic Records dumped them last year. Hard to categorize, Tally Hall combines '60s pop harmonies, garage and indie rock with a playful sense of humor in their videos. They each wear a different color tie.

Their best wasn't enough, so... they came back stronger with the quantum leap that is their sophomore effort, 'Good & Evil,' released in June on a shoestring by Quack! Media. .. Here they are singing 'Never Meant To Know' at the Rugby Store in NYC in October 2008...

Here's the single '&,' pronounced 'and.' Can't find a real video, but the song is great. Irresistible melody for 2 1/2 minutes, but I think they they should have left off the last 45 seconds.. Just my opinion... I did almost use THIS as Song of the Week - again, so many great cuts, hard to pick....

That's what I offer you via today's Song/Video of the Week, 'Good Day' by the melodic delightful quintet from Ann Arbor known as Tally Hall (pictured left).

'Good Day,' like the Beatles on Abbey Road, is several complementary songs that shift and shimmy through 3 1/2 joyous minutes.
Just listen and watch!

Their album, recorded and released in 2005 on a shoestring budget, got a proper major label in 2008 from Atlantic Records. Thanks again to John Wiske for digging up this gem three years and many eons ago.

Another great Tally Hall song and video is 'Banana Man':

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