Monday, September 12, 2011

Take Five!

Happy Birthday to Song of the Week, which I started four years ago this weekend, on a lark. Today, it's practically an institution : - ) SOTW roars into its Fifth Season with The 'Call Me,' a creamy dance-pop number that gallops like a race horse and is as sweet as Pecan Pie..

It's by The Pipettes from Brighton, England, an indie take on girl-group pop that wear polka dot dresses and performed in synchronized choreogrpahy. This self-described 'experiment in manufactured pop' landed in 2008 with their endearing debut, 'We Are the Pipettes,' and avoiding sophomore slump with the even lovelier 'Earth vs The Pipettes' last fall..

It's basically an album full of singles, but 'Call Me' is the surest dance-floor filler, total joy..

The Pipettes are quite consistent in quality and each single - and video - is a bit different. Here's 'Stop The Music..'

Yet another one: 'Pull Shapes..'

From their earlier, more retro debut album, here's 'Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me..'

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