Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Smartest Monkeys

That's a song by 80s new wave melodicists XTC, with the title witty referring to human beings. We saw plenty of man's closest relatives throughout our African foray. Here's a vervet monkey on the path to our lodge at the Zambesi Waterfront hotel in Victoria Falls, Zambia...


And there's that sharp XTC song - with no video, just the song.. ' well man created the cardboard box to sleep in it/and man converted the newspaper to a blanket/well you have to admit that he's come a long since swinging about in the trees/we're the smartest monkeys...' it's actually from the early 1990s... under their highbrow Anglo wit and 80s production values, you can feel a glimmer - just a glimmer - of Beach Boys influence..

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