Saturday, September 10, 2011

Most Skyscrapers Are..

Freaking spanking NEW! Of the world's 200 tallest buildings, 58 were built during this decade! Yes, I mean since January 1, 2010! Over 100 of the 200 tallest were built after 2005, 130 were built in this millenium, and a shocking 171 of the 200 tallest were built since the 1990s. Here's Nanjing's Zifeng Tower, finished in April, 2010, 89 floors, the world's 8th largest building and China's third tallest!

Meanwhile, over in Dubai, 23 Marina, finished last month, has 90 floors, 1,296 feet, and is the world's 16th tallest building and the absolute tallest residential building. It has 57 swimming pools!

Also opening this year, the Kingkey 100 Finance Center in Shenzen, 100 floors, 1,449 feet high, world's 10th tallest building and China's fourth tallest. On floors 75 to 98 is the St Regis hotel, the third highest hotel after Saudi Arabia's now-finishing Abraj Al-Bait Towers (see yesterday's post) and the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong (see final photo, below).

Finally, late 2010 saw the opening of Hong Kong's International Commerce Center, 118 floors and 1,588 feet tall. It's the world's 4th tallest building and China's second tallest. It has the world's second highest number of floors. Floors 102 to 118 are occupied by the five-star Ritz Carlton Hotel, which features the world's highest swimming pool and bar on floor 118!

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