Monday, August 29, 2011

Left-Field Hit

It isn't often that I feature a Top Ten song, but it isn't often either that something this quirky, smart, and infectious reaches that pop stratosphere...

I refer to 'Pumped-Up Kicks' by LA-based indie pop trio Foster The People, led by Mark Foster's vocals, keyboards and guitar.

'Kicks' is a deceptively uptempo and breezy song about an isolated, distrubed kid with a weapon :'all the other kids/with the pumped-up kicks /better run, better run/ outrun my gun.' It's an unlikely crossover and sleeper hit, to be sure; first released last September, it slowly gained pop momentum over the summer.

Mark Foster originally named the band 'Foster and the People' but it was often misheard as 'Foster the People,' and the band dropped the 'and,' liking the seeming exhortation to nurture the populace...

Here's the clip for 'Pumped Up Kicks':

'Helena Beat' will be the band's follow-up single:

Here's the band performing the lovely 'Houdini' acoustic at 91X in San Diego;

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