Sunday, August 21, 2011

In His Old Room, He Found Chillwave...

I'm fresh back from my honeymoon, my jump into the cold waters of work has been soothed by Washed Out's 'Amor Fati,' perhaps the summer's prettiest song, awash in dreamy, summery synths.

Washed Out is the stage name of Ernest Greene, who ,unemployed and broke, moved back with his parents in 2009 amidst the peach groves of Perry, Georgia and began to compose dreamy synth landscapes in his bedroom and post them on YouTube. Music blogs took notice, and a trickle of song videos led 'Within and Without,' the atmospheric debut album released in July.

This new genre is called 'Chillwave' or sometimes 'Glo-Fi', and is the marriage of 80s/retro and indie/ambient, combining heavily filtered vocals, beautiful but simple melodic lines, and heavy use of synths, looping, sampling, and effects processing. I'll feature more Chillwave artists in the final weeks of this waning summer...

Here's the DIY clip for 'Amor Fati'

Washed Out's actual single is the equally lovely, stately, 'Eyes Be Closed,' and the clip is even more washed out and dreamlike..

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