Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You'll Never Starve In The Desert

Because of the sand-which-es there (sand which is there). Yuck yuck yuck. Seriously, to survive in the desert you need an occasional oasis, see below. But first, look at Rub al Khali, the Empty Quarter, among the world's largest sand deserts. It covers the southern 1/3 of the Arabian Peninsula, that includes the Saudi Arabia's bottom and nice chunks of Oman, Yemen, and the UAE.

For your pleasure, a Libyan oasis.. Control of Libya's oasis belts was and is hugely import for trade and transportation in the region. Caravans must travel via oases for food and water...

and a Peruvian oasis, Huacachina, population 115, near the southwestern city of Ica.. The 50 Sol note of Peruvian currency features this oasis's picture.

and finally, a Utah Oasis.. Middle Spring at Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge, in the Great Salt Lake Desert..

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