Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Song 200 !

Another work crunch week, another late song... and it's my 200th Song of the Week - we're headed for our fourth anniversary in September.

To celebrate: an endearing slice of retro early-80s new wave from the UK, though recorded in 2011 by Reading-based quartet Pete + The Pirates. It's 'Come To The Bar,' a pretty if angular midtempo number with a quirky, winning melody and lots of squiggly synths and other charming technical tricks of yore..

The video for 'Come To The Bar' is full-on cinematic

The follow-up single, 'United,' is a tad more subtle, except for the lyrics.. 'united... on the carpet... and the video is again interesting to look at.

From their first album in 2008, the more straightforward 'Mr Understanding'.... and, yes, a third cool video..

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