Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Needs No Label

'A good wine needs no label; ' so goes an old French saying (A bon vin, point d'enseigne). By that criterion, today's lovely song needs no introduction:like a slightly prettier and more pop Coldplay, 'Driven By a Beating Heart' by Oxford-based quartet A Silent Film is hard not to love. A meatier, hookier Snow Patrol, perhaps? Their 2008 album was largely ignored but toward end-2010 they added in today's SOTW and re-released it stateside.

My thanks to Andrew Bencsko for bringing this one to my notice...

They held a contest to determine the video to this song and many contenders are posted to YouTube. This one here is as good as any...

Their only previous single, a rockier number from 2009, has a more film-like video, though not a silent one. Here's 'You Will Leave A Mark..' Also very pretty... I'll have to dig up the album...

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