Monday, June 20, 2011

If The Shoes Fit...

This week's song, 'Stay The Same' by French DJ duo The Shoes, is a catchy, emotive mid-tempo tune that recalls very late-period new wave, notably The Beloved's 1993 UK pop classic 'Sweet Harmony,' which I've also posted below, for your comparison-shopping pleasure.

Quite an elusive band, The Shoes, not to be confused with the 70s-80s power-pop band Shoes from Illinois. Our 'The Shoes' has no website, no Wikipedia entry, and only a bare-bones allmusic.com page. tracked down the gallic twosome, Guillaume Brière and Benjamin Labeau, who 'toil in the creative substrata of electronica turning out big, buzzy remixers for inide popsters,' as Pitchfork informed me. Their surprisingly solid album was brought to my attention by my pal John Wiske, who emailed it with the following note: ' Woah. I'm really struggling with how to describe this. It's bright, but not sunny. It's dark, but not grim. It's electropop, but not insubstantial. It's nostalgic, but not derivative.'

Watch the 'Stay The Same' clip..

And here the all-naked video of that 1993 UK track that today's song reminds me of, The Beloved's 'Sweet Harmony..'

Back to The Shoes, watch their equally clever 'People Movin' In,' which samples the Temptations' 1970 'socially conscious' classic 'Ball of Confusion'...

THE SHOES | Myspace Music Videos

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