Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Glow of Love

Enraptured, we are, at our Rehearsal Dinner, and showing major nose-age... Thank you, Andrew, for some truly awesome photos of our wedding weekend
nose 2 nose

I look pretty great here, on my Wedding Day with Christi, my terrific Best Person of Honor...
christi aaron

Friends came from far and wide: Denis from Paris, Erik from Boston...
aaron denis erik

From South Carolina (Paula, left, with me and her son John Wiske), from Houston (Henry and Richard, right)...
aaron and friendshenry

From Pittsburgh (Jane and Kathy, left), and from Maine (my new sister-in-law Jen and father-in-law Dick Forrest)
jane cathyjen dick

Reminds me of that great 1980 classic 'The Glow of Love' by Change, from which Janet Jackson created her massive 2001 'All For You'...
It's a lovely combination of downhome soul (Luther Vandross vocals) and Italo-disco sheen and tight production..

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