Friday, July 01, 2011

The Glass is 36% Full

...and the water level is rising! Rhode Island just legalized civil unions, following New York's landmark approval of same-sex marriage on Friday!

The glass is 36% full! This makes 15 states that give same-sex couples all the rights of marriage: 6 via actual marriage, 5 by civil unions, and 4 through domestic partnerships. These states are home to 36% of America's population, well over 100 million Americans!

It may take a decade or two to extend these rights to those other 200 million Americans and 35 states.. Alas, 29 states have constitutional bans prohiting same-sex marriage, and 19 of these bans prohibit any relationship recognition for same-sex couples.

We also need federal recognition, so that JP isn't ever taxes on my estate, and even more importantly, so that the bi-national couples we know aren't ever separated by deportation.. Our best bet here is the Supreme Court ruling that the Orwellian 'Defense of Marriage Act' is unconstitutional...

Nobody ever said civil rights would be an easy sprint..
It's accomplished by winning hearts and minds, and especially, by the love of our friends, families, and neighbors and co-workers...

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