Monday, May 23, 2011

Standing Tallest

"The Dreamer," this week's offering, is a full-on 60s folk anthem, but written 40 years later, in the Swedish countryside, but singer/guitarist Kristian Matsson, better known as The Tallest Man On Earth.

Matsson previously fronted Swedish indie trio Montezumas but went solo mid-decade with a series of rustic, gravelly-voiced tunes. "The Dreamer" sticks in your mind, and its chorus - and catchiest line - is also his album's title, 'Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird...'

Here's 'The Dreamer,' live at Studio A on TheAlternateSide.org...

Matsson's debut single is the charming 'Pistol Dreams,' played here at the 2009 Mission Creek Music Festival in Iowa City..

His best known songs include 'King of Spain,' here played outdoors on a sun-drenched Swedish day..'I am a native of the North Pole / and that could mess up any gig...'

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