Friday, May 13, 2011

Maybe It Will Happen

This last month before our wedding will also be the month the New York State Senate decides whether or not to allow it to legally happen (governor & assembly strongly support it).

It might not happen; we accepted this when we chose to marry now, and get on with our lives. I don’t regret that. I won't let anything diminish our joy... but... I also won't stop fighting for our rights..

This battle won’t be easy, despite considerable and growing high-profile support...

It will require 4 or 5 Republican votes from people who’d personally like to vote for it but will need real courage....

...given their party’s dogged opposition and... ... given the anti-gay groups’ million-dollar vow to fund a primary challenge against any Republican who votes for it.. (all 9 long island senators are GOP, as are 1 each from Queens & Staten Island and 4 from northern NY suburbs… areas with a high concentration of gay people and their family members)…

I particularly like this mailing (pictured above) in support of gay marriage; with a postcard to mail to your state senator;

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