Thursday, May 05, 2011

Meryl, Matthew, and Me

My alma mater, Vassar College is celebrating the 150th anniversary this year, and its most distinguished living alumna, Meryl Streep '71, hammed it up on the cover of alumnae/i magazine Vassar Quarterly by impersonating founder Matthew Vassar, in reverse drag.. Matthew Vassar, convinced by his niece of the need to found a woman's college in New York, donated some Poughkeepsie land and half his fortune in 1861 for this purpose, even as the US was sliding into civil war.
meryl matthew

Vassar's Class of 1983 was lucky enough to have Meryl, then 9 months pregnant, as their commencement speaker. We '81-ers had to make do with Carter cabinet member Patricia Roberts Harris, but the Class of 1980 did worse; William F Buckley was chosen, he withdrew after protests, and everyone famous was booked, leaving only retiring biology professor Francis Ranzoni...
meryl matthew 2

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