Monday, May 16, 2011

An Easy One

This week's song is the 70s-inflected jangle-pop 'Weekend' by Smith Westerns, a Chicago-based quartet of teenagers that fuse indie, glam rock, garage rock into their own very urgent and fresh sound.

Fronted by brothers Cullen and Cameron Omori, Smith Westerns are influenced by Bowie and T. Rex, and, on 'Weekend', Wings-era Paul McCartney. Critics and fans are singing hosannas to their sophmore album, 'Dye It Blonde,' which dropped in January after two years of growing positive buzz... I think Cullen looks very androgynous... They are an easy SOTW to post, as newcomers without much back story!

Here's 'Weekend':

From their first album, 'Girl In Love'...

Watch the band on Pitchfork TV, first chatting for a minute, then playing 'Tonight'...

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