Monday, April 11, 2011

We'll Always Have Argentina

Below, I outline a few thoughts on the structural underpinnings of America's escalating political dysfunction.. But first... there's still a middle class country with a far more dysfunctional political system.. It's very sunny there, it's called Argentina, and I'll be there for two days starting Thursday (in between Brazil and my return home)... Argentina's latest in a long serious of incompetent Presidents is the second in a row named Kirchner; this is because her predecessor was her husband. I was unaware until yesterday, that there was a German expressionist artist, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, that shares their last name.. Dr Aaron's diagnosis of US structural political dysfunction: a) we have two parties instead of several parties, creating an increasingly nasty holy war instead forcing diverse factions to forge alliances and deal; b) our checks and balances have become permanent gridlock instead of a buffer for safety and rationality. Our founders meant those check and balances as a systemic 'whoa, nelly,' and that would make different sides of an issuey listen, think, and engage, not harden into crazy glue.

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