Monday, April 25, 2011

Different Strokes?

Today's song is the jittery, novel, and hyper-catchy 'Machu Picchu,' a worthy return to form for The Strokes. Ten years ago, this NY-raised, boarding-schooled quintet dropped a brilliant album of garage rock for the dysfunctional, post-9/11-era...

This frenetic, urgent, catchy music topped that year-end best lists, and looked poised to conquer the music world and define the sound of a new decade, rescuing us from boy bands, neanderthal gangstas, and pseudo-latin crooners...

Well, that didn't quite happen, and their solid second and third albums were tuneful if not surprising - they never broke out of indie-land into the mass consciousness. Now they're back in form after 5 years away - as long as the 5 years they had been 'on.'

Case in point, 'Machu Picchu':

The group blew away Letterman last month with 'Taken For A Fool,' a likely future single..

At Coachella 2011, another great new tune, 'Gratisfaction..'

Back in 2001 with their terrific debut single 'Last Night..'

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