Friday, March 25, 2011

Queen Of The Night RIP

Goodbye, Sister Disco... Gospel-soul-disco chanteuse Loleatta Holloway went to that great glitter ball in the sky this week.

What a long strange road it was...

Holloway sang her way through a gospel childhood, through 70s alternative musical theater ('Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope,' Chicago edition), through a series of Sal-soulful dance classics, then two indelible dance floor show-stoppers in the early 80s, and finally, momentary international ubiquity when sampled first by Black Box and then by Marky Mark..

She married her producer/manager, jazz guitarist Floyd Smith, had four kids, and has been a widow for 29 years..

Here she is belting out her 1980 classic 'Love Sensation,' penned by Dan Hartman, last summer at a Newark street festival..

and she is with Marky Mark, singing on their international #1 hit 'Good Vibrations'...

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