Monday, March 07, 2011

Days of Wine and Iron

This week's song, 'Walking Far From Home,' is yet another gem by Samuel Beam, aka Iron and Wine, the most respected folk musician in all indie-dom. Beam's sound weaves homespun folk around rich, lush textures, both acoustic and electronic.

He is back with a lovely fifth album, 'Kiss Each Other Clean,' breaking a four-year hiatus. His first four albums, delivered in a five-year stretch from 2002-2007, won universal acclaim for this shy North Carolinian, who now lives in Austin with his wife and five daughters.

His stage name was inspired by 'Beef, Iron & Wine,' a dietary supplement he came across while working on a film school project.

Below, we take a scenic walk through his impressive audio and video catalogue..

First up, a live for 'Walking Far From Home,' perhaps his most lush and memorable single to date.

Let's go way back, to 'Lion's Mane' from his 2002 debut, 'The Creek And The Cradle..'

In 2004, Iron & Wine's breakthrough was 'Naked As We Came' from 'Our Endless Numbered Days..'

'He Lays In The Reins' is Beam's 2005 collaboration with the Tuscon-based alt-country sextet Calexico..

From 2007, the flamenco-ish "Boy With A Coin'...

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