Sunday, February 27, 2011

Space and Time

I traveled a few hundred miles this weekend - and 18, then 34 years back into my past. I had two long-overdue reunions with close friends I'd somehow lost touch with, first my college friends Mindy and Steve Brown and their family. I hadn't seen them in 18 years, when they visited NY shortly after the birth of their oldest son, who's just started college. They live in West Simsbury, in the far north of Connecticut, not far from my pre-school haunting grounds up in Springfield and Hartford.. Their home is a cheerful and spacious chalet in a wooden area that, covered with snow, is magical, if a bit slippery.

I drove up Saturday, stayed overnight at the Browns', and drove down I-91 Sunday morning to Milford, on the shore a few miles east of New Haven, to see an even longer-lost friend, Steven Marcus, an artist and free spirit from Connecticut who I befriended at youth conference when I was 16 and got to know quite well as we traded visits until I went away to college and lost touch. Incredible how you can reconnect after a 35 year gap...

It's nice to see people that make you look backward, forward, and around you, while still smiling...

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