Monday, February 28, 2011

Quit Your Day Jobs!

Today's Song of the Week, 'Waterfalls,' is a grimy yet sunny 60s-tinged indie-pop number led by a delightfully twangy guitar riff. It's a single by San Francisco-based quintet The Fresh & Onlys, who haven't all quit their day jobs despite the increasing buzz and critical praise they've earned with two very enjoyable albums...

As of late 2009, band leader & bassist Shayde Sartin was working at SF's legendary Ameoba Records..

The band has no site except myspace, and no Wikipedia page.. But they do have some lovely video clips on YouTube, which we'll walk through below...

First of all, the smart, plucky 'Waterfall' clip..

Some earlier work: a collage of 60s B-movie outtakes for last year's 'Dreaming Is Easy'

Also from last year, a wash of psychedelia/op-art to compliment the band's lovely 'Vanishing Cream...'

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