Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next Stop: Lower Hell

Back in the mid-50s, before my Mom moved to Boston with roommates, she commuted from an oppressive and downtrodden suburb that a humorous conductor wryly described as 'Lower Hell..'

I refer to Lowell, Massachusetts, which typifies the once-bustling New England mills towns that were smashed by global economic winds and reduced to notches on our growing rust belt.

No film ever captured Lowell's bleakness until 'The FIghter' burst forth onto movie screens late last year. Don't let the boxing theme keep you away! This compelling, character-driven film's focus is squarely on fraying family relationships and personal struggles. Lowell - and boxing - are fine metaphors for lost souls and elusive dreams... Christian Bale and Melissa Leo were both unrecognizable and indelible, and will surely each take home a statuette at next Sunday's Oscars. Amy Adams and Mark Wahlberg are almost as good, and a bevy of character actors shore up the excellent cast.

Here's the trailer:

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