Saturday, February 19, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering

You can look up anything on line. Literally anything. You need not wonder what happens to a passenger who passes on in flight... You just google 'What happens when someone dies on an airplane?' and you will know....

Here's the scoop, from a veteran flight attendant working exclusively on long-haul international trips...

"(We) are not doctors and can't declare anyone dead. ...we have to carry on as if they'd just passed out." If the dead passenger is easily movable and there is an empty row, removal is an option. Lavatories are out of the question, unless a passenger dies in one.

"The only time in happened on board, it was handled very discretely. It was a tragic cancer death, someone who wanted to visit her favorite city one last time and almost made it.

(Since she was) seated in business class, no passengers passed by and virtually all were unaware. Those near her only knew there had been a medical emergency on landing. "

"Emergency landings are usually reserved (for when) someone's life is in danger and time is crucial. If it happens soon after take-off, the flight might return to the departure airport. If not, and the patient can be stablized, it's more likely to be in everyone's interest to continue. Not meaning to be cruel but death is a stable condition. Not meaning to be cruel but death is a stable condition."

Now you know.

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