Monday, January 03, 2011

Unvarnished Wave

And SOTW roars into 2011 with the lo-fi, hooky pleasures of 'Candy' by distaff quartet Frankie Rose and the Outs. 'Candy' is guitar-based new wave, spare but catchy and muscular.

Frankie is the band's driving force, songwriter and lead singer, and formed the band after leaving her gig as drummer for Vivian Girls (she penned that band's one hit, 'Where Do You Run To,' which was Song of the Week way back in June of '09)... Rose also did drumming for surf-rock grunge-sters Crystal Stilts (another SOTW, 'Love is A Wave' from September of '09)...Both of these past SOTWs are reprised for your curiosity and convenience, below..

Rose's influences range from far back (Beach Boys/Phil Spector) to red hot and current (Deerhunter, an awesome band that I will feature soon)...

Frankie and her crew aren't yet on Wikipedia....
....nor do they have a formal video clip, though I did find a good fan video for 'Candy...'

Without further ado, 'Candy'....

Here's the group, on the sidewalk, with a an near a-cappella rendition of Arthur Russell's 'You Can Make Me Feel Bad..'

Crystal Stilts: "Love Is A Wave":

Vivian Girls: "Where Do You Run To":

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