Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pok Ta Pok

That´s the sound of conference attendees navigating the very gusty winds of Cancun... Last night´s party at the Pok Ta Pok golf course (diagramed at left) was an endless parade of gourmet Latin American hors d´oeuvres and entreés, from ceviche to picanha to mashed banana-couscous paste. Washed down with margaritas of coco and tamarind, and vats of red wine. A DJ spun sounds in the distance and performers on 15-erfoot stilts entertained us with dancing and candomble.. Nonetheless, I have been working very hard, I hosted and moderated a major panel discussion yesterday including CEOs and CFOs of top Latin American companies, with over 100 people in the audience. The previous day I gave my own 20-minutes presentation to several dozen customers. Meetings and greeting, morning noon and night, and in three languages.. What an impressive event! I look forward to many conferences to come, every January stretching out into infinity or retirement, whichever comes first... Now, I just need a week to recover..

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