Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Is Her Destination

If Tift Merritt weren't a singer and songwriter of folk rock, alterna-country and many other genres, she'd probably be a poet of the printed page. Indeed, she's won critical acclaim for her poignantly performed 'sonic short stories,' earning comparisons to such icons as Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris..

Merritt, who turned 36 Saturday, is old enough to remember analog technology. Her new single caught my attention and my fancy with the retro title 'Mixtape,' and muses on the role of music samplers in courtship.

Born in Houston and raised in North Carolina, Catherine Tift Merritt, who turned 36 on Saturday, grew up enraptured with her Dad's eclectic record collection, learned piano by ear, and immersed herself in soul, folk, rock, and country. Merritt's palate is mellower than my usual listening speed, but nonetheless steadily draws me in with a vocal that's alternately plaintive, smokey and clear as bell...

Here's the terrific black & white clip for 'Mixtape':

More black & white Merritt, a clip for her stirring 2008 clip 'Broken'...

Live on Letterman with the lovely 'Morning Is My Destination...'

Live in Austin with 'Stray Paper'...

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