Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lunch In The Mekong Delta

It's very cold in New York, headed for 9F tonight... So here's a post remembering warmer times in Vietnam's Mekong Delta last August.
We had a 'homestay' there for two nights in a family-run guest house. On Day 1 they regaled us with an eye-popping lunch banquet, featuring a whole fish fried and standing on end in a 'napkin holder' made of wood and bamboo...

Here are hundreds of spring rolls, that ubiquitous Vietnamese snack, waiting to be fried.

Like Norma Desmond, this spring roll is ready for its close-up! The rice-paper wrapping is so transparent! The next day, we visited a family run rice-paper producer, a cottage industry...

Lunch is served, and the main dish was truly a stand-up fish!

Here are the thoroughly fried but finger-sized spring rolls in final form...


We enjoyed this lunch out on the terrace of the guest-house. The premises were modest, but charming. I particularly enjoyed the hammocks...

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