Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Funky Sweet Spot

That's what we hit with this week's groovy jam. After five years, one of my all-time favorites is back with a terrific album..

It's 'All Good In The Hood' by Jamiroquai, the superb British jazz-funk-disco British sextet whose front man and mastermind, Jason 'Jay' Kay, who sings like Stevie Wonder (quite an accomplishment for a white dude), and looks like a hunkier Beck in an array of elaborate hats and headgear.

Jamiroquai has produced seven flawless albums since they debuted back in '93, and have sold 25 million copies of them in the UK and worldwide, on the strength of dozen lovely hit singles....

Here's our Song of the Week, 'All Good In The Hood,' wicked sweet live..

Many Americans were exposed to Jamiroquai in 2004's hit indie film, 'Napoleon Dyanmite,' in which the group's 1999 smash 'Canned Heat' blew the roof off a school assembly...

Let's not forget their 1996 breakthrough hit 'Virtual Insanity...'

Let's not forget their current single, the wildly catchy 'White Knuckle Ride'...

So many Jamiroquai favorites... Let's end with the shimmering 'Love Foolosophy' from 2001...

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