Monday, December 06, 2010

Perfectly Pleasant Plinkety Plink

It's a light-hearted Sunday, and I'm really feeling the staccato plunkety-plunk of Javelin's 'On It On It,' near-instrumental electro-pop with maybe the tiniest pinch of hip-hop.

Javelin is a duo of playful producer-performers from Providence (avoid asinine alliteration, Aaron...), now based in the bustling borough of Brooklyn (I'm doing it again!).

Thomas Van Buskirk and George Langford.. Their much-lauded live show features colorfully pained boomboxes stacked like pyramids; they have often broadcast their show on FM transmitter, to foster audience participation.

Here's a fan video for our SOTW, 'On It On It'...

Here's their bizarre 'Soda Popinksi'...it's a fun video and song after the first 15 seconds...This is very clever animation from the Sea Shell Orchestra...

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