Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hongie Kongie

That's how a Brazilian would call it, anyway... They just can't end a word with a consonant, at least when speaking!
After Indonesia, David's business trip continued in Hong Kong, now a subsidiary of China Inc. I first set foot there in 1996, the year before 'The Great Handover' from the British to the Chinese. I returned with my Mom in 2002, and it seemed unchanged... ..and not all in a good way. Shanghai seemed like a gleaming futuristic metropolis; in comparison, HK was a dusty backwater...

Here's a more artsy shot from David's room. Love that vase.. My Hong Kong hotel story is the Very Expensive Soup. I ordered 'Shark Fin Soup' off the hotel menu for 350, forgetting that I was no longer in Indonesia (1800 rupiah to the dollar), but in Hong Kong (7 HK dollars to 1 of ours);
that's right, my US$50 bowl of soup... Must've been some shark...

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