Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Two Rivers

10-10-10. at 10:10pm. All day Sunday I was a boat riding down the river of Jeannie's wedding, which began mid-afternoon at Immaculate Conception in Jamaica, wound through the Triple Crown diner and Hershey's Car Wash/Ice Cream Parlor, and finally streamed into the festivities high above Flushing Meadows at Terrace On The Park.

Ah, but we weren't the only Big Colorful Wedding... In a rainbow of colors and fabrics, a Nigerian couple tied the knot in the other main salon...
This is stock footage... My camera did record some of it, which you'll see later on, but was working only sporadically Sunday, and captured no Nigerians..

And here's Terrace on the Park. An obstacle course of caloric damnation that began in Brazil and continued through a smattering of high-end Manhattan eateries with Mom finally touched down in a hexagon of hors d'oeuvres with flowers of white chocolate and lemon sorbet (in a real frozen lemon) to clear the palate...

And now, normalcy, if the oft-creative chaos of my work environment passes for such. Well, at least I'll have seen Rosemary this morning, who'll no doubt dislodge my every care...

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