Friday, October 15, 2010

Never Give Up!

No, I haven't given up my blog, in case the recent paucity of posts had you wondering...

On Wednesday, right before leaving the ear doctor, who was working to unstuff my wax-and-fluid blocked hears, I fainted and fell down, hitting my head on the floor.

Happily, I am OK, not even a concussion. But this we did not know on Wednesday morning, and I was pretty shaken up and dizzy, so off to the ER for a 9 hour visit, tests, precautions, and background mayhem. I was able to resume work the next day, but I've been understandably taking it easy..

My congested ears are stubborn, but antibiotics and rest will slowly win the day... Hopefully, before my Boston customer visits mid-week, as I'd rather not have to take the train there and back... Pictured here: in Spanish, he's my 'tocayo'; in Portuguese, my 'xara' (pronounced sha-RA); that means 'person with the same name,' and I'm referring to the character James Franco is playing, Aron Ralston, the hiker and daredevil so determined to live that he cut off his own arm to survive. Poor guy - he'd already lost the second 'a' in Aaron. I do greatly admire him. Survive, baby. And, with one-arm, Ralston still climbs mountains! He even climbed Denali! The film, by 'Slumdog Millionaire' Best Director-winner Danny Boyle, blew critics away at film festivals and gets released November 5.

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