Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Neon Surrounds Us!

Back in July, strolling through the neon-lit shop-lined Saigon streets, I lamented the relative rarity of neon back home. How wrong I was! Why, in just a one block stroll to Bombay Talkie, three weeks ago when Emerson visited, we encountered three fine examples of neon-us Americanus...

I'm not sure this is actually neon, but it is an intriguing sign.. This is some sort of playhouse or gallery space a few doors down from us on West 23rd St.

Our excellent local endangered species, er, I mean video store! I always want to say Alvin Ailey instead of Alan's Alley. Hey, as long as Netflix keeps sending scratched, skipping disks, they're probably safe.... I don't know, when streaming becomes a reality..

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